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June 13, 2017

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Changing the Narrative

April 5, 2017


Mary Magdalene. The prostitute. Like many people, that's what I grew up believing, Mary Magdalene was a prostitute that Jesus saved and turned into a devout follower. Now don't get me wrong Jesus did indeed talk to and save several prostitutes... Mary however, was not one of them. 


I find the fact that Jesus did not weigh who you were or what you did in order to speak to you, to be  simply beautiful. Jesus talked to the individuals society condemned, He loved the women He was told He shouldn't, He spoke to the people He was warned not to speak to. Jesus was courageous, in every sense of the word. And even with all of that truth, it was eye-opening for me to realize that somewhere along the way society changed a, in my opinion, very important narrative. Why were we taught that Mary Magdalene was a prostitute? Where is there scriptural proof that Mary was a whore? 


I challenge you to learn this and other stories for yourself. Honestly, that is one of the things that make up the foundation for Her Story Lives. Unravelling the hidden figures, re- empowering the women who were honestly already empowered way back when, taking back the original narrative and everything it means. 


Every story in our great book teaches us something. Each parable leaves us with wisdom. Every character shows us who to be and who to run for the hills from... Women such as Mary Magdalene deserve to be remembered for who they really were. They deserve to be inserted in sermons that inspire the masses, they earned the right to be remembered for the life that GOD designed them for. Take back the narrative, own the truth, learn from those that came before you. 


Check out some of my HERstory study videos and supplemental tools, and go deeper with me as we study the phenomenal women of the Bible!! 

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