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Sweat Sweat 

I use sweat sweat under my waist trainer (coming soon be sure to order yours) to produce maximum results! Sweet Sweat can be used in all problem areas that retain water weight, like thighs, arms etc. 

Navitas Wellness Blend 

Fresh juice and smoothies are a part of my daily routine. I love Navitas Wellness to get an extra boost of veggies and vitamins, the taste is great too. Navitas also has other blends like Detox, and Beauty. Add Navitas to your daily routine and watch how good it makes you feel! 

Thayers Witch Hazel

Thayers Witch Hazel is great to tone your skin. I use this on my face after cleansing and before moisturizing. There are a few different types like rose petal, lavender, and aloe. All work great!  I keep some handy in my gym bag to clean my face before I make it home to shower (prevents breakouts). I also spritz on a little to set my makeup.