Her Story Movement

Are you looking for new ways to grow spiritually? Do you have difficulty balancing the many hats you wear? Are you ready to discover who you are and how you fit in this world? Look no further! Her Story Lives is dedicated to educating and supporting women in the areas of mind, body, soul, and business! 


Through a Biblical foundation and a deeper look at HERstorical women we inspire, empower, and encourage you to be your best self. We believe that every woman can find their perfect fit in society, and ministry. HSL also proudly supports community service projects and is a strong advocate for anti- abuse programs, events, and organizations. 

Our Goals: 

1.    To serve Jesus Christ and our community.  

2.    To empower women and their spiritual/ministerial gifts.

3.    To educate and inspire women to become their best self.  

4.    To create a platform for women to share their pain, triumph, and testimony with the world. 

5.    To connect women across the globe through sisterhood. 

6.    To support women with a specific focus on benefitting their mind, body, soul, and professional endeavors. 

7.    To relate to women and discuss commonalities and differences in a safe space. 

Meet The Founder

Rachel Burnside founded Her Story Lives in February 2017. Having been witness to the anointing and calling on many women dear to her, she felt compelled to delve into the stories and lives of Biblical women. Upon researching, she discovered just how many stories were not taught or even celebrated.

Inspiration pushed Rachel further in her study, leading her not only to a deeper understanding but to a renewed relationship with Jesus Christ. The love, equality, respect, and treatment Jesus showed women encouraged Rachel to create a movement that supports spiritual gifts, sisterhood, and womanhood.

Rachel is a women's warrior who enters into battle daily, not only for the women of the past, but also for the women of the present. In her roles of author, speaker, life-coach, teacher, and mother she enlightens, empowers, mentors, and guides women all of the world. 

Meet the Team

Kenyetta McFall

Director of Marketing and Events

Edilah Jordan

Director of Her Story Lives Chapters